Mechatronics Innovation Lab.

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MIL is an innovation center with an important societal mission - to increase businesses' competitiveness through the use and understanding of new technology

Our services

Industrial 3D-printing

Enables new products, strengthens supply chains, and reduces environmental impact.

Robotics & IoT

Robots cost as much in Norway as elsewhere. Why not keep production local?

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence makes it possible to see connections in complex systems.

3d scanning and VR

Immerse yourself in the problem, in a completely new way.

Product Qualification

Replace expensive and dangerous testing

Industriell 3D-printing

Muliggjør nye produkter, forsterker leveransekjeder, og reduserer miljøbelastning.

Robotikk & IoT

Roboter koster like mye i Norge som andre steder. Hvorfor ikke holde produksjonen lokalt?

Kunstig intelligens

Kunstig intelligens gjør det mulig å se sammenhenger i komplekse systemer.

Proper use and understanding of new technology is key

Our mission is to understand the market’s needs and strengthen our customers’ competitiveness through innovation and access to new technology and cutting-edge expertise.

With us, you get started quickly with the most important things in new technology.

Mechatronics innovation lab ansatte på laboratoriet

Why cooperate with us


We see how tomorrow's technology can be used in today's industry.


We are non-profit with a clear social mission.


We know what we're talking about.

Norway's leading tech lab

Visit us and you will understand why!




Close collaboration between Eydeklyngen and MIL

The core of the Eyde cluster is process industry companies with production in Norway. The cluster works to ensure that the core companies are competitive in the low-emission society. MIL helps achieve this goal.