About Mechatronics Innovation Lab

MIL was established with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of businesses through the use and understanding of new technology. Through involvement and funding from the private sector and the government, MIL has built Norway’s largest and most intense techlab. This collaboration between industry, academia, and the public sector has made MIL a technologically advanced hub of international standard.

MIL offers technology, testing equipment, and expertise for innovation in mechatronics and related disciplines such as robotics, sensor technology, autonomy, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and industrial 3D printing. As a partner in the Future Materials catapult centre, we participate with equipment and expertise in material development. MIL is part of the national infrastructure for innovation, pilot testing, and experimental development of industrial products, systems, and services for introduction to the market.

Through these capacities, MIL can help reduce costs and risks for large and small businesses, as well as the public sector, in relation to innovation and technological development.

Introduction video

Let us show you what we do at MIL and how we can help you get started with your projects!

The purpose of MIL is to strengthen Norwegian businesses' competitiveness and market position by offering access to test equipment and expertise.

With our technologies, resources and partners, we help companies and entrepreneurs overcome innovation barriers such as access to expertise, test facilities and technology. This will reduce the risk and costs associated with innovation, and reduce the time from idea to market. The center targets all sectors and industries where mechatronics is relevant, including the public sector.

Our customers can test how their existing production process can be made more efficient, and lay out a digital strategy for the company’s production. Furthermore, our customers will be able to plan their restructuring and change to adapt to the requirements of tomorrow’s production processes.

Our vision

We will be an internationally recognized innovation center in mechatronics, where our customers develop tomorrow’s products and production technology. Together, we contribute to solving major societal challenges.

Our mission

We understand the market’s needs and will strengthen our customers’ competitiveness through innovation and access to new technology and cutting-edge expertise.

Who works at MIL?

Technology enthusiasts work at MIL!

We are passionate about new technology, and to see how it can be used to create value in all kinds of contexts.

Mechatronics is introduced

The engineer Tetsuro Mori establishes "Mechatronics" by combining "mechanics and "electronics".


First mechatronics study in Norway

AID, now the University of Agder, offers specialization in mechatronics


Mechatronics Innovation Lab AS is born

The University of Agder founds Mechatronics Innovation Lab AS


MIL opens its doors, and Future Materials is born

The technology laboratory of MIL at the UiA campus opens its doors. In the same year, the Future Materials catapult center is established, and MIL becomes a partner.


A national center for technology and innovation

Today, MIL has become a national center for innovation and technology in robotics, artificial intelligence, AR/VR, industrial 3D printing and technology qualification.

Now and in the future